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Content Creation & Scheduling

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Are you trying to fit content creation into an already

over-full schedule? Are you trying to find time to learn

about social media trends, branding, image design,

hashtags, and scheduling content?

Did you know you don't have to? Not everyone has the

skill-set or the time to be taking care of their own

social media... and that's ok! Researching and creating

quality content is my speciality! So sit back and relax

while Moonlit Media keeps your socials running!

My content creation and scheduling service

    • creation of quality images that fit with

your branding,
    • writing of the copy that shares your message,

describes your services, etc. (I write in your voice

and in a style that suits your brand),
    • up to 30 hashtags that fit the copy and

image, your brand, and your industry, 
    • scheduling the content to post at optimal

times (based on your insights) to your platform(s)

of choice.


My Full Content Creation service gives you post-ready images and copy (the words):

    3 posts - $70

    5 posts - $120

    7 posts - $170

If you want images only:

    3 images - $45

    5 images - $85

    7 images - $120

For scheduling on top of content creation, please contact me for a quote.

For a more comprehensive service, check out my social media management packages.

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