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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Social Media Manager?  Businesses and non-profits hire Social Media Managers for a variety of reasons but it basically all boils down to making your life easier. A Social Media Manager can also save you time or just take a task off your plate so that you can focus on doing what you do best. 


Does Moonlit Media offer a discount for not-for-profits?  I offer a 15% discount for all NZ-based or Australian not-for-profit organisations. This is *not* a limited time offer; it's 15% off year-round!


Can Moonlit Media help me learn to do

things myself?  Definitely! I'm always

happy to teach and empower people to

manage their own social media; this is

part of my One-To-One Coaching service.

Do you charge extra for last-minute

work? I may charge a 15% fee if you need work

completed within 3 days.

What experience do you have? I have been creating content and supporting local non-profits with their social media since 2017 (although from 2020 officially). I got into social media management through my role (volunteer recruitment) with Volunteer Marlborough in 2017 but I realised there was a lot to learn. After upskilling, I gained experience by managing Marlborough Rural Advisory Group's Facebook and then, in 2020, I started Pānui Marlborough to practice further. Since then, I have managed social media accounts for Safe and Sound @ The Top, REAP Marlborough, Ride to Live, Travel Te Tauihu, Trent Hamilton, and supported many others. 

Prior to working in social media, I worked as a pharmacy retail assistant, a psychology tutor, a rest home caregiver, and a few customer service and food service jobs. I've studied psychology (Te Herenga Waka University of Victoria), and caregiving (NMIT). I am also currently working towards a Graduate Certificate in Applied Marketing through Southern Institute of Technology.

Is there anyone you won't work with? I am open to working with most people, businesses, or organisations. However, it is important to me that I only take on clients whose values and worldview align with mine, so that I know I can provide a high quality service. This means I don't work with most religion-based organisations, gambling services, or any business/organisation that is anti-LGBTQIA+ or discriminates against people based on their culture, ethnicity, age, or gender.

If you're not sure whether you fit this description, please get in touch; I am always open to discussing whether I'm the right fit for you, and all discovery meetings/calls are free.

How does Moonlit Media post to my accounts?  On Facebook, you will need to make me an editor; this is something I can show you how to do. On other platforms (e.g. Instagram), I log into your accounts directly. 

How important is it to post at a time when my audience is most active? Very! Posting when your audience is most active means they're more likely to see your posts, and therefore more likely to engage with your content. However, I'd like to note that posting at active times is not as important as a lot of other strategies and guidelines are. My advice is to combine posting at an optimal time with a strong engagement strategy to achieve the best results.

Why is it important to schedule content? Because it will save you so much stress! If you don't schedule, you have to try to remember to create a post every day (or every few days). You also run the risk of inconsistency in your posts, or of not covering a wide enough range of content. I plan out a month at a time and schedule at least a week ahead. I recommend my clients do the same. (Read my personal story on this topic on my Instagram.)

How long will it take to see results? While most of the experts seem to agree that results won't be seen (and shouldn't be seriously looked for) before 6 months, the full answer depends on a few factors: what results you're looking for (get specific), what your message is, who your audience is, how often you can post, how much time you can dedicate to all the other tasks (or whether you have a social media manager handling these).

Have you got another question? Contact me!

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