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20+ Ways to Generate Content Ideas

Trying to come up with ideas for social media content can feel like a daunting or even impossible task sometimes. When the creative juices aren't flowing, here are 26 pointers to get you started again.

8 places to generate content ideas directly from:

  1. Behind the scenes (BTS); show your audience how you package products or the process behind one of your services.

  2. Policies (e.g. confidentiality, returns).

  3. FAQs; answer the questions you frequently hear.

  4. Customer feedback; directly quote the good stuff and, if it's something you can fix, respond to the bad stuff (e.g. long wait times) with a commitment to improve.

  5. Old images; recycle them into #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday posts, or use them to do a "then and now" comparison.

  6. Milestones, anniversaries, important birthdays, relevant holidays/special days.

  7. Weekly hashtags (e.g. #PhilodendronFriday, #TeReoTuesday).

  8. Previous posts; give an update.

11 places to draw inspiration from:

  1. Podcasts (most people listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts)

  2. Google Alerts (set an alert for keywords related to your content pillars , products, services, or sector).

  3. TED Talks.

  4. YouTube videos (tutorials, webinar replays, or the latest announcements from industry leaders).

  5. Forums (e.g. Reddit).

  6. Answer the Public - check out what questions people are asking about atopic relevant to your business/organisation.

  7. News.

  8. Facebook groups.

  9. Blogs.

  10. Social media posts from your peers

  11. Other online resources (e.g. fact sheets)

Bonus: 7 more content ideas

  1. Post reminders of your services/products and upcoming events

  2. Ask open-ended questions to start a conversation

  3. Share statistics that show the impact of your organisation/business (e.g. how many lives you change, how much rubbish you collected, your average satisfaction rating)

  4. Show your audience how to do something (e.g. at-home nail care routine for in between appointments)

  5. Thank your supporters, donors, staff, volunteers, and other organisations, groups, or businesses.

  6. Set up a collaboration with someone who shares (at least a portion) of your target audience. (Click here to see how to use Instagram's new Collab feature)

  7. Run a competition or giveaway

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