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To delete or not to delete?

Should you ever delete posts from Instagram? In short, no, never. Deleting posts might seem tempting at times but there's two big drawbacks:

1. If you delete a post on Instagram, it's gone forever and you can't get it back, and,

2. Deleting a post also erases the insights connected to that post and that is valuable data!

So what should you do instead? Archive! Instagram added the archive function in June 2017, and it is still a tool not to be ignored. So when should you archive? Here are three suggestions:

1. When a post is about a long-passed giveaway, contest, special offer, or promotion.

2. When a post is introducing or profiling an employee or volunteer who no longer works for you.

3. When a post is promoting a product or service you no longer offer.

Now, this isn't something you need to rush into, but it is a good idea to scroll back over your feed once in a while to make sure all the information showing is still relevant.

If you would prefer to have someone else do the tidying for you, this is part of my Instagram Review and Revamp service.

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