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Moonlit Media provides support and assistance with social media management, training, consultation, content creation, and design (see my services catalogue here). I am particularly interested in supporting non-profit organisations and small businesses, but I am open to working with any individual, business, or organisation. 

I invite you to get in contact ( to find out how Moonlit Media can assist or support you and your business or organisation.


I am committed to providing affordable services while upholding my guiding principles of proactive development, quality, and balance in all that I do. I also strive to work in a culturally respectful way, backing equality and non-discrimination.


Proactive Development (Akoranga)

I chose proactive development as a guiding principle because I think it is important to place continued learning and upskilling at the forefront of business practice. I am committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest knowledge, improving procedures, and developing new services and products.

Quality (Kounga)

To me, quality means reliability, dependability, quality images, designs that show a

careful attention to detail, and services that are both customer-led and that result

in customer satisfaction.


Balance (Taurite)

A wise person once said, "the secret to life is finding the right balance to everything

you do". For Moonlit Media, this means balance in design as well as maintaining

healthy work-life balance (for me and my clients).


All confidential information will be kept private and not shared with any third parties unless I have obtained written permission from you first. This includes passwords, contact details, and your business strategy. Please let me know if you have any particular details you would like to
ensure are kept confidential.


While my work hours are generally 10am to 6:30pm, I am happy to be contacted outside of these times if you have a time-sensitive matter. If you need support or a question answered urgently, I recommend calling or texting me as well as or instead of emailing.
All Social Media Management clients automatically receive support via phone and email at no additional cost.

Te Reo Māori
I am committed to working in a culturally respectful way. For me, living in Aotearoa, this involves using (where appropriate) and promoting Te Reo Māori, an official language of NZ and the language of our indigenous peoples. If you would like to discuss usage of Te Reo in the work I do for you, please let me know.


  Kia ora, I'm Jyn (they/she), the owner of Moonlit Media. I'm a

New Zealander,currently living in the beautiful Wairau/

  Marlborough region of Aotearoa NZ. In my spare time,

     I enjoy knitting, listening to music or podcasts, reading

       and watching sci-fi, sitting in nature, or spending time

       with my whānau (family) and pets.

       On the road to where I am now, I studied psychology,

    worked as a pharmacy retail assistant, a rest home caregiver, and as a support worker for people with physical disabilities.

      After transitioning into the non-profit sector in 2017, I discovered a passion for supporting community collaboration through social

media communications. I had started learning the basics of graphic design and marketing in order to increase Facebook engagement for Volunteer Marlborough (the non-profit I was working for). After countless seminars and webinars, and volunteering as a social media manager for a couple of community organisations, I realised I was loving this line of work! I took on a small social media management contract in 2020 for another local non-profit, Safe and Sound @ The Top, and then, in February, I started supporting my good friend Trent Hamilton with his Facebook page. Since then, my client base has grown and I'm now working full time as a social media manager!

The journey so far has been challenging but also exciting and fun so I'm really looking forward to learning more skills, trying new things, and meeting more people as I continue.

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Te Reo Māori
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